Worksheet # 3

Read:  You and your crew are lost in deep space.  In order to determine where you are you must gather as much information about deep space as you possibly can.  Below is a list of questions to help you gather the needed information.  Answer each question completely.

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1.  Name the three types of galaxies.






2.  What is the middle of a black hole called?




3.  The furthest objects visible in the sky are called _____________.


4.  What type of star is large and compact?  _________________


True or False: 

Mark the appropriate box.

5.  Galaxies never crash into each other.

True:            False:  


6.  Quasars are probably super giant black holes.

True:            False:  


7.  A planetary nebulae is surrounded by planets.

True:            False:  


8.  Our Sun is an "O" star.

True:            False:  


9.  Black holes use suction power to pull things into them.

True:            False:  


10.  Scientists believe that new stars form inside nebulas.

True:            False:  



Complete each of the following questions using complete sentences.  Include as much information as you can, but be careful to write it in your own words.


11.  What is an Emission Nebulae?


12.  What is a Reflection Nebulae?


13.  Explain why looking at an object which is 15 billion light years away also means you are looking at the way that object looked 15 billion years ago.  


14.  In your own words describe the structure of the Universe.