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How many worlds are there in our Solar System? If you answer 9, you would be incorrect. It is true that there are nine planets, but there are many more worlds.  In fact, altogether there are over 90 worlds in the Solar System. 

Some are moons and some are planets, but all are exciting.

moons for kids


Many people think that moons are smaller than planets. This,  however, is not true.  There are several moons in the Solar System which are larger than both the planets Mercury and Pluto. Neither are the moons less exciting than the planets.  There are moons with volcanos, atmospheres, and even quite possibly liquid water oceans. The difference between what we call a moon and what we call a planet has to do only with around what the world revolves, or circles. If the object circles the Sun it is called a Planet, however, if it circles another world instead of the Sun then it is called a moon. Moons sadly are often ignored, even though they are just as large, splendid and exciting as the planets.

Click on a planet to learn about its moons

Neither Mercury nor Venus have any moons.

solar system's moons

Mars has two moons

moons of the solar system

let's learn about Saturn's moons

Uranus' moons

learn about Neptune's moons

pluto has two small moons

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