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Astronomy Packet: 8
Assignment: 5


Assignment # 5

Final Project:  Choose one of the following


1.  Through a pair of binoculars observe the moons of Jupiter 15 nights in a row.  Make precise drawings each night of the locations of each of the moons.

2.  Chose an astronomy topic which we covered in this class.  Study this topic in much more detail, learning as much as you can.  Write a five page double spaced report about your topic.

3.  Prepare an oral presentation about Astronomy.  Visit an elementary school class or daycare center and present to them your presentation.  You must video tape this presentation so it can be graded.

4.  Build a scale model of the Solar System.  Include planets, asteroids and moons.

Your final project should be of the highest quality.  Give it your best effort. 

When you have completed the final project, give it to a trusted adult, such as a parent or teacher to grade.  

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