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Astronomy Packet:  6
Assignment:  4


The End of the Solar System:

Where does the Solar System end?  Once we get out past the Oort Cloud there are few rocks, or comets, but this is not the end of the Solar System.  The Solar System officially ends when the Sun's Solar Winds begin to blend in with the stellar wind of other stars. 

The Sun produces a wind which blows outward in all directions.  This wind is what blew away the cloud of dust and gas the Sun originally formed in.  This solar wind can be felt for trillions of miles.  Once the wind gets too weak and begins to mix with the winds of other stars, this is where we say the Solar System ends. 


A Few Moons:

There are many worlds in our Solar System.  This is because we don't just count the planets as worlds, we also count all the moons as worlds.

Assignment # 4.

Click Here to find the answers to the following questions:

1.  How many worlds are there in the Solar System?

2.  Is a moon always smaller than a planet?

3.  What is the only difference between what we call a moon, and what we call a planet?

4.  Which moon has a very thick atmosphere?

5.  Which moon might have a liquid water ocean?



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